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How do I report a leaver?

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How do I report a leaver?

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22nd February 2018


IRIS GP Payroll


An employee is a leaver at the practise, how do I report this to the HMRC?


To set an employee as a leaver, from the main screen click on Note an Employee Leaver

Select the appropriate employee from the list, enter the leaving date and click “OK“.

This has now marked the employee as a leaver and you can print a copy of the P45 from Print Output/Export Data | P45

Now the employee is marked as a leaver they will be indicated as such on the next FPS you send to HMRC. There are no additional reports or submission to make.

Do I make an employee a leaver before or after I have sent the FPS?

You make an employee a leaver after you have done the payroll and ran BACS, but before the FPS. That way they are marked as a leaver on the FPS along with their final payment. If you make an employee a leaver after sending the FPS, they will appear in the next pay period’s FPS. Depending on when the leaver was last paid HMRC could then recognise this as a late submission.

Recommended Payroll Cycle:

  • Create any new employees for the period.
  • Calculate payroll for the period.
  • Produce all your normal payroll reports.
  • Produce the employee payment information ie BACS export
  • Use “Note an employee Leaver” to save leaving dates for any relevant employees. Once the leave date(s) are saved you can print the employees p45 from “Print Output / Export Data” > “P45”.
  • Send FPS for the pay period.

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