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How do I update my licence details?

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How do I update my licence details?

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1st April 2019


IRIS Payroll Business, IRIS Bureau Payroll


I've renewed my licence but I still get a message telling me it's expired/exipring when I start the program.


Under normal usage, the system will connect to our Auto Update server each time you start payroll. As a part of this process, it will also retrieve your latest licence details, as such, there should be no need for users to manually update the licence with each renewal.

Occasionally there is a delay between licence updates or renewals being processed and the corresponding details being refreshed on the server. If you find that you can type in your licence details and they are accepted but the next time you start the software you are again reset to an older licence our support team will need to check what licence details are currently held on the server.

Please email our support team so we can check the details are correct.

Some companies have trouble connecting to our auto-update server due to security restrictions put in place by their IT support. In these situations, the IT can make sure the process Auto Update.exe isn’t restricted on your network and the PC can access the auto update URL,, without restriction.

If your IT are unwilling to make the changes necessary to access the auto update server you will need to type in your licence details manually.

PLEASE NOTE: If you cannot access the update server you will NOT be notified about updated versions of the program and you should periodically check to see if a more up to date version has become available.

Manually updating your licence details

With your renewal, you will have received a PIN number. You need to record this new PIN in the admin mode of the software.

Log into the admin mode – click here for details on the admin mode.

Go to “Licence

Type in the PIN here. (If any of the other details have changed make sure all the details in here match your new details)

Click “OK

You should see a message saying Payroll needs to close to finish registration. Click “OK“.

When you restart the program your expiry date/licence limits will have been updated.

Please email if you are unsure of your latest licence details.

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