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Removing old pay frequencies

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Removing old pay frequencies

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6th April 2017




How do I remove old pay frequencies?


You can remove old pay frequencies by using the “Clear Stat Table” utility.

Before using this utility make sure you have no employee records left on the pay period in question, this may require deleting leavers from previous tax years.

Click here for help deleting employee records.

Before starting it is recommended you take a back up of your data.

Once all employees are on the correct pay frequency we can go ahead and clear the start table.

Go to “Utilities > “Database maintenance” > “Clear Stat Table”.

Click “OK” to the warning.

Select the pay period you wish to remove and click OK.

Repeat the process for each pay frequency you wish to remove.

NOTE: DO NOT clear stat table on any pay frequency that is in use on the payroll.


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