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Employee AE History

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Employee AE History

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3rd December 2018


IRIS Bureau Payroll


Use this screen to view and/or print the AE history for all pay periods in the current or previous tax years providing assessment data is available for the selected period


Where can I access the Employee AE History

The Employee AE History is accessed from the “Pension Tab” :

resizedimage550129 IPB EmpAEHis 1 | Employee AE History

Viewing the AE History of an employee

First, click once to highlight the name of the  employee you wish to check in the list down the left-hand side of the main window:

IPB EmpAEHis 2 | Employee AE History

Then, go to “Pension” and click on “Employee AE History“. You will then see a list of the employee AE status per pay period for the current year:

resizedimage550195 IPB EmpAEHis 3 | Employee AE History

If there is history present, you can check previous tax years information by selecting it from the options in the top left-hand corner.

To drill into and check the information the software has used for the assessment at any of the displayed periods, click on it in the list to highlight, then click “View” along the bottom of the window:

resizedimage550191 IPB EmpAEHis 4 | Employee AE History

You will then be presented with all the information the system has used to come to assessment status, including Pay dates, Pay reference periods, Qualifying and pensionable earnings, age, etc:

resizedimage550341 IPB EmpAEHis 5 | Employee AE History

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