Updating Employee Details for OpenPayslips/OpenEnrol

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Updating Employee Details for OpenPayslips/OpenEnrol
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1st January 2019
IRIS OpenPayslips, IRIS Payroll Business, IRIS Bureau Payroll, IRIS GP Payroll, IRIS Payroll Professional, IRIS Earnie IQ

An employee wishes to change thier contact email address used for OpenEnrol/OpenPayslips


If the employee contact details need to be changed it first needs to be updated by the employee.

They (the employee) need to log in to the OpenPayslips/OpenEnrol portal site, www.irisopenpayslips.co.uk, from a desktop PC, not via the smartphone app.

In their account settings, they can then update any details they wish to change, email address, name etc.

Once they save these details, the registered administrator account will receive an email advising them of the changes the employee has made. The corresponding changes should then be made to the employee details in the payroll software.