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Deleting an employee record

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Deleting an employee record

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2nd August 2017


IRIS Payroll Professional, Earnie


How do remove employee records form my payroll?


We wouldn’t normally advise you delete employee records. Marking employees as leavers when you are no longer going to pay them is normally sufficient as this will remove them from your licence limits. When you delete an employee you lose all of the associated processing history for that record.

If however, you do wish to delete employee records you can do this through the software. By default the option is disabled. First, you need to turn the option on.

Go to “Company” > “Alter Company Options

IPP CompOpt 1 | Deleting an employee record

Open the “Menus” tab and tick “Show Remove Employee“:

IPP CompOpt 2 | Deleting an employee record

Click “OK“. The option to remove an employee will now show in the “Employee” menu:

IPP CompOpt 3 | Deleting an employee record

PLEASE NOTE: Once removed all trace of that employee will be removed from this payroll file. They will not be included in any payslips or reports for periods they have previously been paid.

The deleted employee(s) will return in the payroll if you restore a backup taken prior to the record being deleted.

Please exercise extreme caution when using this option and ensure you have sufficient information regarding the employee processing history independent of the payroll software.

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