Error 515: Error in formula when printing report

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Error 515: Error in formula when printing report
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6th May 2019
IRIS Payroll Professional

When trying to produce a report user gets the error:

Error 515: Error in formula


If you are getting this error while producing a P45:

Reselect the p45 report from the reports library.

Go to Reports | Library Selection | Miscellaneous

From the list of availlable reports selct the p45 format you want to use:

Use P45 (Online) Report to print a copy to hand to your employee

Use P45 (OpenPayslips) to publish electronically if you use the OpenPayslips service.

When issuing the p45 to the employee make sure you select the correct option:

If you get the error producing any other report:

The error is likely being caused by an employee selection that is not valid for the report you are trying to produce. Try clearing the employee selction and trying the report again. If nessesary then try to re apply the employee selction:

Also, check the SQL selection:

The report should now produce without errors.