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Working with payroll from home

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Working with payroll from home

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18th March 2020


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How can I run my payroll from home?


Remote Access eg. Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)

The easiest way to run your payroll from home would be to remote access your work PC from a PC at home, this causes the least disruption to your installation and data.

Remote access of your IT systems is not something that IRIS Support can assist with, you should refer to you own IT support or system/network Administrator for assistance configuring and enabling this type of access.


Customers can use products like TeamViewer, however this would require the remote PC (in the office) to remain on.  If the PC shut down or the network connection gets dropped someone would need to be at the PC in the office to address the problems, as such it is not ideal in this situation. There is also a security risk with leaving a PC unlocked and unattended as well , these factors mean we cannot recommend Teamviewer in these circumstances.

Before installing such software you must talk to your IT department or provider and IRIS does not take responsibility for implementing remote working in this manner.

Migrate Installation and Data onto a PC at home

If remote access is not something your IT infastructre will support you may wish to consider moving your payroll installtion and data onto a PC you can use from home .

Please follow the guides below for instructions on moving your payroll software and data onto a different PC.

Please Note: Due to it’s server based nature, we cannot recommend migrating Earnie IQ onto an at home PC. If you need to use Earnie IQ from home you should discuss RDP or other remote access software options with your IT support.

IRIS Hosting

As an alternative, IRIS offer IRIS Hosting. IRIS Hosting delivers IRIS software products, Microsoft software and third-party desktop applications as a managed service over the internet for a single monthly fee.

Click here for details.

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