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Data Migration from OpenPayslips to myePayWindow

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Data Migration from OpenPayslips to myePayWindow
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30th November 2021
IRIS My ePay Window
How do employee documents published to OpenPayslips get migrated to myePayWindow?


Here we detail the process for the migration of existing documents to myePayWindow when an employee has an OpenPayslips account.

  1. The payroll department has registered and activated the myePayWindow account and now publishes to this service for the first time.
  2. Payroll software checks with myePayWindow for employee(s) account, no account will be found. myePayWindow will generate the details and sends them back to the payroll software.
  3. myePayWindow sends the employee(s) an invite email.
  4. Migration from OpenPayslips process begins.
  5. The system compares the registered myePayWindow payroll department email address(es) for matches with a valid OpenPayslips admin email address.
  6. If a match is found, the system checks the employee(s) myePayWindow email address for matches with a valid OpenPayslips employee account.
  • If: The OpenPayslips admin email address matches myePayWindow payroll department email address.
  • And: The Employee OpenPayslips email address matches the employee myePayWindow email address.
  • And:  The OpenPayslips employee account is owned by the same OpenPayslips admin account.
  1. If all three statements are true employee documents (Payslips, Pension Letters, p45’s, p60’s) will be migrated from OpenPayslips to myePayWindow. If any of the above details do not match the migration of documents will not occur.

Changing employee email address

If you are going to use different email addresses for myePayWindow than OpenPayslips, to ensure that employee documents are migrated, before publishing to myePayWindow:

  • Update the email address held in your payroll software for the employee(s)
  • Log into OpenPayslips and update the email address(es) of employees to match payroll.

This way the new email address will be present in payroll and OpenPayslips at the time of the first myePayWindow publish and the migration will happen normally.

Please Note: All other scenarios of changing employee email address(es) will cause the data migration to fail.

This only applies when first publishing to myePayWindow. After the first publish event has occurred employee email addresses can be updated as required

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