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Can I make a Company Copy?

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Can I make a Company Copy?

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6th April 2018


IRIS Payroll Business, IRIS Bureau Payroll


Can I make a Company Copy?


The copy option is found in the Admin section of the program.

At start up log in with Name:SYSTEM and your admin password.

If you are unsure what your admin password is and you need to request a break-in password, this should be provided with the company letter head and signed by the senior payroll decision maker. This could then be scanned and emailed to or faxed through on 0344 815 5670.

Go to “File” | “Companies” | “Copy” and then choose which company you want to copy.

Enter the “New Company Name“. This is the company name that will be applied to the copy. You then have 3 Copy Options:

Company Details Only

This creates a copy of the chosen company details only. No employee details are copied to the new company

Exact Copy

This copies everything held for the company including employee details and leaver information. It can be used at year-end to make a mirror image of your company before closing it down

For Receivership

This option creates a new company and copies across all of the employees as though they were new starters to the company. The existing Taxable Gross YTD and Tax Paid YTD are set as the employees’ P45 figures in the new company. When choosing this option you are asked for further information, such as setting a new Date Started in the employee details and whether you want to copy leavers. This option will set the original company as “Ceased trading” and marks all employee as leavers.

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