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IAS- 93028 IRIS Automail Letters Displaying Tags & Formulas after generating

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IAS- 93028 IRIS Automail Letters Displaying Tags & Formulas after generating

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28th April 2021



IRIS Automail Spacing/Tag & Formulas are displaying in the template after the document has been generated


We have been made aware of numerous issues with the formatting of templates once generated within the IRIS Automail Module Occurring the week commencing 12th April 2021.

The development team have raised this issue as a defect and are currently investigating how best to resolve it. They have advised that after installing Windows Update KB5003173 they are unable to reproduce the issue.

You can check what version you have by going to Control Panel | Programs and Features | View installed updates | What is the most recent “Security Update for Microsoft Windows” listed? The development team believe that this Windows Update is the root of the problem. The exact version number may differ depending on your system. It is recommended that you consult with your IT in regards to installing the windows update.

We have found the following may help in resolving 1-2 of the issues below, within IRIS Automail | Templates | Highlight the template you are using to generate and select properties | Tick Use Automail Merge and Open After Merge |

The four issues we are currently aware of are as follows:

  • If the value tag is blank and “Supress Blank Lines” is ticked in the properties of the template, a blank is still in the document as the tag is still in the document (this can be confirmed by pressing Alt + F9)
  • When Fillin & IF statements are used to enter paragraphs of text, when you select part of this text on the generated document it selects the entire section from the formula. This makes it difficult to makes specific changes to the document.
  • When converting the document to pdf, edits are lost and the tags show on the new pdf document. There is not an equivalent to Alt + F9 in when viewing pdfs so you cannot change back to values.
  • Changes made to the document are not saved when clicking Print Now/Print Later

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