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HMRC Revised Calculation

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HMRC Revised Calculation

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8th November 2020


IRIS Personal Tax


I have received a letter from HMRC with an amended Tax Calculation for 2018/2019 Tax year


HMRC have reassessed some calculations from the 2018/19 tax year and have been and will be issuing revised SA302s. HMRC effectively gave us the incorrect calculations for this which was then subsequently put into our software. HMRC have since revised that calculation which is why what they have sent you differs from what Iris is producing. Unfortunately, there is no way to get those exact figure HMRC are asking for onto Iris because of this. Please see the reply below from the Development Software Team.

“HMRC have contacted you with regards to your tax liability on your 2018/19 tax return. We have looked at the tax liability that IRIS has calculated and can confirm that these values match the HMRC’s test case generator for that year. Therefore, if you wish to submit an amended return with a different tax calculation you will need to submit a paper return. This will not be able to be filed online.

HMRC have not given us any indication of what circumstances these situations relate to, so therefore the software has not been updated to the correct calculation. Unfortunately, if you do require any assistance regarding specific conditions, you will have to contact HMRC for more clarification.”

In conclusion, HMRCs revised calculation is the correct liability and we, therefore, would advise using that HMRC revised calculation.

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