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Slow Printing on various Reports

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Slow Printing on various Reports
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21st February 2008
Due to the graphical nature of some IRIS reports, it has been reported that on some occasions these reports print very slowly. More specifically, there can be a long pause in between physically printing pages. NOTE : This can be caused by the printer drivers using the drivers as shipped with the Windows Operating System. The drivers included in Windows Operating Systems are not always optimised for best performance. IRIS always recommends using the latest drivers intended for that printer.
Following the steps below may help to resolve the issue.
  • Download and install the latest printer driver for the printer being used
  • Change the DPI Settings. IRIS recommend using 300×300
  • Change the spooler settings:
  • Click on Start
  • Click Settings
  • Click Printers
  • Right-Click on the printer
  • Click Properties
  • Click Advanced Tab
  • Change the spool settings to Print Directly to the Printer
  • Click Apply
  • Click OK
  • Re-submit the print job from IRIS. NOTE : In some larger environments when access to another printer is possible. Print the report to one of these printers instead

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