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Error 13 Opening I:Datalock.irs

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Error 13 Opening I:Datalock.irs

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2nd September 2008



When trying to access any of the IRIS modules the following message can occur: Error 13 Opening I:Datalock.irs NOTE: The drive letter detailed above may be different from the one in use


Following the steps below may help to resolve the issue.
  • Ensure all users have closed all IRIS programs
  • Right Click the IRIS icon and choose properties
  • Click Open File Location
  • Double Click the DATA Folder and locate lock.irs
  • Right Click lock.irs and click Delete
  • Click Yes to confirm
  • Try and access the IRIS modules IMPORTANT: If you are still unable to delete the file as directed above it may be necessary to reboot the server If you have tried deleting the lock.irs and still getting the problem I would advise you to add the everyone group with full control to the IRIS folder. Browse to the C: or location of the IRIS folder Right click the IRIS folder, go to security tab. Then click Edit, then Add. Then type Everyone in the Enter the object names box. Click OK, tick the Full control tick box under Allow. Then click apply and OK, then OK again. Try accessing IRIS again.

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