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Unknown buffer ID in buffer file - when printing reports

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Unknown buffer ID in buffer file - when printing reports
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14th October 2010
It has been identified that when using Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 users may experience the following error under a range of circumstances (but most normally when printing reports): REPORT PROCESSOR ERROR An error has occurred - the details are as follows: Module: .RPI_0311.CPP Line number: 112 Description: Unknown buffer ID in buffer file
It has been identified that the Proactive Threat Detection in Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 is stopping the IRIS programs functioning correctly. You will need to set the individual program files to be Trusted Applications.
  • Right click on the Kaspersky task tray icon and click Kaspersky Internet Security
  • Click the Settings link on the top right of the screen
  • Click the Detected Threats and Exclusion Rules icon (highlighted below)
  • In the Exclusions section, click the Settings button
  • Click the Trusted applications tab
  • Click the Add button
  • Click the Browse… option
  • Browse to the IRIS folder
  • Click on iwinaprd.exe
  • Click the Open button
  • Tick all the options (Do not scan opened files, Do not monitor application activity, Do not inherit restrictions of the parent process (application), Do not monitor child application activity and Do not scan network traffic)
  • Click the OK button
  • You should now see the new entry in the Application column
  • Repeat steps 6 – 13 for other IRIS modules. Below is an outline of the main modules and their corresponding .exe file:
    1. iwinaprd.exe – Accounts Production
    2. iwincsec.exe – Company Secretarial
    3. iwincfrm.exe – Company Formations
    4. iwinptax.exe – Personal Tax
    5. iwinbtax.exe – Business Tax
    6. iwintrus.exe – Trust Tax
    7. iwinp11d.exe – P11D
    8. iwinpacl.exe – Practice Management
    9. iwinpasl.exe – Practice Management
    10. iwinstpl.exe – Staff Planning
    11. iwintime.exe – Time
    12. iwinfees.exe – Fees
    13. iwinaml.exe – Automail
    14. iwinamap.exe – Automail
    15. iwinsess.exe – System Maintenance

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