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PTP - Getting error 3167 record is deleted

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PTP - Getting error 3167 record is deleted

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22nd November 2012



When trying to access the software, clicking on the Spanner icon or FBI, an error code 3167 appears with error message 'Record is deleted'.


Resolving this error will require remote access to your machine to fix the corrupt database. Please call us on 0344 815 5555, or alternatively send an email to us at requesting a callback, preferably with a screenshot of the error.

Additional Information

Data corruptions are environmental and the most common cause is losing connectivity. We can fix the error but cannot stop it happening in the future as it will be something on the network or machine that is causing the data to be corrupted.

Things to check are:

-Whether the server is taking backup throughout the day when the PTP program is in use. This is not recommended.

-A particular computer in the office going to sleep mode when the PTP Software has been left open. This causes the program to close unexpectedly, which could result in the corruption.

-Bad Network cable which would cause connection issues.

-Antivirus- frequent scanning of the database.

Lastly, with this error the database can become unstable, therefore it is advisable to take regular backups through the software as a precaution.

Please find below some links which may be useful for your IT department.

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