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PCSR - obtaining e-approval via IRIS OpenSpace

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PCSR - obtaining e-approval via IRIS OpenSpace

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29th March 2019



From April 2019 it is now possible to obtain e-approval for documents produced in PTP Share Register via IRIS OpenSpace.


To enable this functionality please do the following:

1.  Go to File > Presenter Details > Open the Presenter record > eFiling tab > Authority2File Options tab

2.  Select ‘Enabled’ for Authority2File for this Presenter

3.  Select ‘IRIS OpenSpace’ for Authority2File Method

4.  Go to the IRIS OpenSpace Options tab

5.  Enter Username/Email Address and Password (or you can register here if you have not already done so

6.  Click the Test Login button to ensure the credentials are correct

To link, or set up, a client in OpenSpace, please do the following:

1.  Open the client record and go to the More Info tab

2.  Complete the section at the bottom of the screen and click ‘Link to OpenSpace’, this will link to an existing record or create a new one if applicable (if it is a new record the client will receive an email asking them to Activate their IRIS OpenSpace account)

3.  When preparing a form, e.g. CS01, for efiling click the option to ‘Request Authority’, this will send an email to the client advising them there is a document for them to review

Once the client has downloaded and reviewed the document they will be able to click the ‘Approve’ button.  The next time a Send/Receive is processed in the eFiling log the document will be submitted automatically to Companies House. Please note Approval credits are chargeable and may be purchased within IRIS OpenSpace.

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