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VAT Filer- Client periods listed are incorrect or duplicated

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VAT Filer- Client periods listed are incorrect or duplicated

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11th August 2021



IRIS VAT Filer- When loading a client the periods on left side are incorrect e.g Should be in 3 month blocks but show as 4 months.


The listed periods (by month, by quarter etc) on the left side of the VAT Filer are from HMRC (they are not set or stored by IRIS). IRIS cannot manually edit/correct these date periods.

If the periods are incorrect or duplicated then its a known issue on the HMRC server and you may need to contact HMRC support and speak to a senior for them to correct this. We recommend you first run the steps below:

1.Help/About – you must be on the latest IRIS version.

2. Load the Client, Go to Client , View , Tax tab. The clients VAT code is correct and has no spaces entered. 

3. Go to the ‘Date range’ on left side of the VAT filer and edit the dates from the period you can see to six months ahead in the future – then click the ‘Client refresh’ button. Check if you get the same incorrect dates.

4. Go to Client, then View, Accountant and ensure its set to ‘Agent’. Exit the screen. (If its set to ‘Alternative’ then you need to check with your team if that’s correct)

5. Go to Setup, Authorised agents –your name (initials) or your company name should appear with the VAT filer credentials:

What is the Authorised date: The date next to VAT filer is when it was last registered. If this date is between 12 to 18+ months old then there is a chance it will be automatically be unauthorised by HMRC. You will need to reset and log back in (step ‘b’ below).

a. If your name doesn’t exist – Exit the screen and Click ‘Client Refresh’ at the very top. Go to step c)

b. If your name appears (on the VAT filer row) and you have the ASA login details– then click your name and tick ‘Reset agent credentials’ and say yes to the warning. Your name will vanish, exit the screen. Click the ‘Client Refresh’ option at the very top.

c. It will ask you to login to MTD with your ASA – go through and click ‘Grant authority’ It will go back to your VAT screen, wait a minute and click ‘Client Refresh‘. If dates are still incorrect then close and restart IRIS, if the dates are still incorrect then wait 24/48hrs as sometimes it take take time for the HMRC system to pick up your login again , if again same issue then you do need to call HMRC and speak to a senior.

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