What's new in IRIS OpenSpace?

Latest Updates


IRIS OpenSpace now includes e-Signatures, allowing our customers to request client’s signature for approval from more than one person within a company.Clients can add their signature using draw, type or upload image of signature to approve the document. 

More information can be found here.

Multiple Approvals

IRIS OpenSpace has launched Multiple Approvals, allowing our customers to upload multiple documents to clients and request approval from one or more users on each document. 

The addition of this new functionality not only allows multiple documents to be uploaded for approval at the same time, but gives our customers the ability to request approval of a document from more than one person within a company. 

For further information on Multiple Approvals click here.

Enquiry Forms

IRIS OpenSpace has launched Enquiry Forms, allowing our customers to upload a customised enquiry form onto their website to allow new customers to submit an enquiry directly to their practice via OpenSpace.

Begin your clients branded journey with IRIS OpenSpace. Once a future client has submitted an enquiry, they will receive a confirmation message and your practice will be notified straight away of the new enquiry. From your OpenSpace dashboard, you can then view your enquiry and create a new client account within seconds.

For further information on Enquiry Forms click here.

Client folder creation and control

A top requested feature from our users was the ability for clients to be able to create folders within their own OpenSpace portal in order to manage their documents more efficiently. We have now added the ability for your clients to create and manage their own folders, including the option to move existing folders and also delete.

Enhanced e-Approval

You can now restrict e-Approval of client files to specific client users ensuring that only those persons authorised to approve documents in an organisation are able to do so. It's really easy to configure which client users can (and can't) approve:

  1. Login to IRIS OpenSpace
  2. Select Client underneath the Home tab
  3. Select the client you wish to change and click the Edit Client button
  4. Simply check (or uncheck) the Can Approve box next for the specific user you wish to change

In addition to this new feature we have also changed the e-Approval links in the Dashboard and File Lists to an button making sure that your clients can easily see which files need their immediate attention.

Admin Reporting

Administrators can now download a full client report (CSV) which can be opened in Excel for analysis. This report gives accurate client information helping you understand which clients are (or are not) fully engaged with you through your portal.

The report is accessed from the Clients section under the Home tab, and contains

  • Identifying information; Client ID & Client Name
  • Registration Status; status of your client user activating the login
  • Description; how the client was created, through integrated product
  • Last Login; when the account was last accessed by a client user
  • Size & Files; how much storage is the client using
  • Unapproved Files; how many files are waiting for client approval
  • Client Users; how many users have been given access to the client files
  • Staff Users; check that staff users are receiving notifications for clients

Staff Notifications

Notifications for specific clients can be delivered to specific staff users.

Administrators can setup the notifications for Staff Users in the Users section under the Settings tab, in addition to Staff Users being able to configure this themselves under User Details from the Accountdrop down menu.

It is now much easier to search the list of available clients when setting up notifications for yourself and staff members:

  • Improved search function
  • New Status column
  • Client list sorting by ID, Name and Status
  • Toggle between All, Clients, My Clients and Not My Clients

Previous Updates

IRIS Payroll Integration

Reports generated in IRIS Payroll for Accountants , IRIS Bureau Payroll, IRIS Payroll Professional, Earnie Executive and Earnie Business can be published to IRIS OpenSpace for clients to download and approve electronically.

Branding & Customisation

Application branding

Take control of your branding and build your own client portal: 

  • Give IRIS OpenSpace your chosen client portal name
  • Personalised URL for your clients to login to
  • Use your logo in the application
  • Add your own browser favourite icon
  • Change the colour of the IRIS OpenSpace interface using simple colour pickers
  • Fully customise the application with your own CSS
  • Add your logo to the electronic approval certificates
  • Choice to disable the IRIS 'What's New?' for your users

Customised emails

It's not just the application interface that can be changed. The automated notification emails can also be modified:

  • Route emails from your address instead of noreply@irisopenspace.co.uk
  • Append your own images to the header and footer
  • Replace the email disclaimer with your own
  • Amend the wording in the subject and body of all the email templates

Branding guide & tutorials

All the features are explained in the branding guide which is available from within IRIS OpenSpace. We've also created 3 tutorials that fully explain the different levels of website integration that are available.

All the branding functionality is available to Administrator users under the Customisation section under the Settings tab.

Upload from Dashboard

A new "Upload File" dialog has been added to the dashboard screen to make uploading files even easier.

The new screen allows all users to upload the moment they login, and provides a client list so they can select the relevant entity to upload to.

Staff Maintenance

Notifications from selected clients

Staff users can now choose which clients they wish to receive notifications about.  

Administrators can set this up for users in the Users section under the Settings tab in addition to Staff Users being able to configure this themselves:

  1. Login to IRIS OpenSpace
  2. Click the Account drop down in the top right hand corner
  3. Select User Details
  4. Uncheck the "Receive notifications from all clients" box
  5. Select the checkbox on the left hand side of each client as required
  6. Click Update to save the changes

Bulk staff user creation

Administrators can now create all their staff users quickly by uploading a CSV file containing their details from User Details under Settings.

  1. Select Settings
  2. Press Import Users button
  3. Upload your CSV file (sample is provided)

Note: Importing Users in this way will not send your staff an activation email and therefore you must provide a suitable password in the import file; a minimum of 6 characters with at least 1 letter and 1 number.