PTP Suite Autumn v23.3 service pack


The IRIS PTP Suite Autumn service pack release version 23.3.1 provides you with resolutions to a number of issues, some of which are listed below. 

PTP Accounts Production

Resolved issues:

Charity Accounts

When attempting to file a set of Charity accounts with Companies House it was reported that some accounts could not be filed, owing to an issue with an incorrect heading being added into a taxonomy dimension. We have altered this to allow the accounts to be filed successfully.

Audit report

When generating a set of group accounts using International Accounting Standards, the Audit Report opinion paragraph included duplicate wording ‘the consolidation’ with no appropriate statement after it. We have amended the report output to resolve the issue.

Income statement

Within the income statement we have suppressed the line for Gain/Loss on revaluation of assets when the relevant chart codes have not been used.

Accounting Policy – Section 401 Group Exemption

When preparing consolidated financial statements using International Accounting Standards, the standard accounting policy for group exemption section 401 disclosure was not presenting correctly within the note, even when selected correctly in the data screen. We have amended the note to present correctly.

PTP Tax Platform

Resolved issues:

  • Trust returns – the sum of values in boxes 5.7 and 5.15 has been updated and must equal £3,000 for trust types of Accumulation/Discretionary Trust. The annual exemption amount for trust type-personal representative has been updated to £6000.
  • The address format for a trust client has been updated to include town, county and country.

PTP Tax Expense

Resolved issue:

Class 1A NIC report is now applying the correct rates for each tax year.

PTP CT Platform

Resolved issues:

  • Box L166 on the CT600L is now correctly mapped to the Totals field on the R&D expenditure backing screen.
  • Added the ability to edit residual value for asset types when claiming Capital allowances.
  • The sub headers on the printed iXBRL tax computation have been updated from Super-deduction allowance to show ‘Full expensing 100%’ and ‘Full expensing 50%’.


Resolved issue:

  • An error was produced when attempting to submit existing long accounting period returns. This has now been fixed.