PTP Spring 2021 release v21.1 service pack


Our PTP Suite Spring service pack release version 21.1.378 includes solutions to the following issues reported by customers.

Tax Platform

  • The global client transfer forward into the new tax year (via the 5th icon from the left on the main toolbar) had the appearance of being stuck at the point the blue progress bar is complete for Individual clients. However, the process was, in all likelihood, still active. Therefore, we have introduced a more visual guide to confirm that the process is still active.
  • Where there was remitted foreign dividend income that is subject to dividend tax credit, the expected line for the deduction of 10% tax credit on dividends (not repayable) was not being displayed in the printed Tax Calculation Summary. This was a display issue only and the calculation itself was otherwise correct and the total tax due reflected the dividend tax credit.
  • Where relief for maintenance and alimony payments has been claimed, the amount itself was not being reflected under the ‘Less in terms of tax:’ subtotal in the printed Tax Calculation Summary. This was a display issue only and the calculation itself was otherwise correct and total tax due reflected the relief claim.
  • When attempting to add a new dividend company to the Dividend Database via the ellipsis button to the right of the Company field in the Dividend backing schedule for box 4 on page TR 3 an exception error was displayed.
  • If the taxpayer reached state pension age during 2019-20 and next year’s tax return is being completed in advance then an incorrect validation is being displayed when state pension details are added stating that ‘You have entered state pension in box TR3/8 for a man/woman less than state pension age’.
  • HMRC have introduced password hardening as part of their security improvement, which includes an expansion of supported characters, and the PTP products have been updated accordingly. However, we have found that if your new or updated Govt. Gateway password contained an apostrophe then where the FBI option to ‘Collect responses later’ was selected then this will result in the return submission not being recognised on the HMRC server when polling for a response.

VAT Filer

On the screen, all boxes show the correct amounts. However, when printing this as a pdf, it would display zero(s) within boxes 4 and 8, where present, instead of the actual amount(s).

The option to import data from clipboard has been removed. HMRC’s soft landing period has now ended, and data must be transferred via digital links. The remaining options all meet the criteria specified in the Legislation of a digital link.