PTP Spring 2022 service pack release v22.1.2


Our PTP Suite Spring service pack release version 22.1.2 includes solutions to the following issues:

PTP Tax Platform 

Individual Tax Return – cannot enter a negative amount  

When entering a negative amount in the ‘Total’ box under the Total Expenses column the amount was being displayed as positive not negative, this has now been resolved. 

Trust Tax Return – no tick in box Q5 when printing  

When printing the 2021 Trust Tax Return the first box for Q5 on page 3 is now being ticked.  

SA103 Full & Short – adjusted net profit not reflecting negative total expenses 

In the rare situation where trading expenses are adjusted to the point that the total expenses result is negative, increasing the net profit or reducing the net loss, then those adjusted total expenses were not being reflected in either the tax Calculation Summary or on the printed PDF output; this has now been resolved. 

Tax Expense Employment pages – Tax Return 2022 Error 

When viewing the Employment pages on a 2022 Individual return and importing Details from Tax Expense a ‘Tax Return 2022 Error’ was appearing; this has now been resolved. 

Individual Tax Return Additional Information Supplementary – Error Message  

When viewing page 4 of the Additional Information Supplementary page of an Individual Tax Return an ‘Invalid Property Value’ error message was appearing; this has now been resolved. 

Dividend for 2022/2023 Return – Runtime Error 

A Run Time error message is no longer arising when accessing the Dividend Database for 2022 to 2023 via Page 5, box 4 of the Return 

PTP CT Platform 

FBI - Preparing FBI Files 

A small number of users reported problems when preparing FBI files for multiple returns at the same time; this has now been resolved.