Remote Payroll Entry FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I remove a Remote User?

Where a Remote User has already been linked,
1. Go to Company | Provision User
2. Next to the relevant user, click Remove to delete the association

How do I resend a Remote User Password?

This link will only be enabled if the Status is Linked.
1. Go to Company | Provision User
2. Next to the relevant user, click Resend Password

Can I import the data again once payroll has been calculated?

Yes, however only if the payroll is undone and the previously imported data deleted.

Can I import Attachment or Earnings Orders via Remote Payroll Entry?

Attachment of Earnings Orders are not available to configure on the Timesheet. This includes Countil Tax, DEO (CSA) and Priority Orders.

How can new employee details be imported?

For new employees, the Remote User sets up the following information from the Remote Payroll Entry App and these do not need configuring on the Timesheet.

• General
• Employment
• Bank
• Pay Elements

Any Salary, Hours/Rates and Payments/Deductions will be imported as per the Timesheet.

I have imported remote data and the wrong employee was marked for leaving

If the wrong employee has been marked as a leaver, from the payroll software you can unset the Pay Again indicator. This is done via Help | Employee Debug. Select the employee and on the General tab in the New Value column for Pay Again enter N. You may also want to do this if the employee has decided not to leave after the remote data was imported. The leave date would need to be removed manually from the Employee Record.

How do I unlock a Timesheet?

The Get Timesheet process locks the pay period preventing the Remote User amending the data. Once unlocked, the Remote User can amend data and resubmit the timesheet.

To unlock the Timesheet:
1. Choose the relevant Pay Frequency from the side bar
2. Select Help | Unlock Timesheet
3. Click Unlock (the default period to unlock will be the current pay period)

When unlocked, a message will be displayed confirming the timesheet has been successfully sent and is ready for the Remote User to download

How can I send the timesheet if the remote user cannot access the cloud?

Export to File

To create the timesheet and save it without it being sent to the cloud, click Export to File. A confirmation message will be displayed, click Yes. A message will then be displayed advising of the name and location of the file. You can then browse to this location and attach the file to an email (instead of submitting it via the cloud).