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10 reasons to switch to IRIS today

There is something your software provider doesn’t want you to know – and for a good reason.

They fear once you have gained this knowledge, you’ll be heading for the exit door and coming our way instead.

So, why is your current supplier worrying you will find out about IRIS accountancy software?


Always 1st for compliance

Whether it was ELS, FBI, FRS, or MTD, we were there before anyone else, and we’ve never let a customer down on compliance. We get our customers fully prepared every time legislation is announced – such as MTD – well in advance of the new rules taking effect. We have a 42 year track record of going above and beyond to deliver more than just standard compliance.  

We are the largest third-party filer of online documents to the UK government. We submitted nearly four million 2020 Tax Returns – almost as many as all our competitors combined.   

Our strong relationship with HMRC means they work closely with us, request our input, and listen to what we say. We always ensure your voice is heard because we represent the largest volume of accountants, agents and tax filers of any third-party vendor.

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No.1 choice for top 100

91 of the top 100 UK accountancy firms trust IRIS to help run their businesses. By working closely together for many years, we understand the unique requirements of each of the largest firms better than any other supplier, which allows us to personalise solutions to each firms’ unique needs. We recently saved a top 100 firm more than £100,000 by switching to IRIS and combining software into one seamless package.


No. 1 trusted choice for UK Accountants

We are trusted by more than 23,000 UK accountancy firms as key partner to run their business, more than any other accountancy suite vendor in the UK. We know one size doesn’t fit all so we have solutions to fit firms of every shape and size, no matter what your strategy or needs. Beyond our solutions, our professional services and customer services teams are dedicated to making your implementation a breeze and to support your through all your evolving needs.

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Investing in innovation for your future

IRIS is never standing still and always investing in the future; we are building the next generation accountancy platform –  IRIS Elements – designed to redefine the way accountants modernise, adapt and scale their practices through the latest technology that works in harmony with the existing IRIS solutions, which are already cloud enabled through our best in class hosting or our native cloud apps.

Find out more about what the firm of 2025 looks like


Largest portfolio of best-in-class accountancy solutions

Nobody else provides a complete practice solution from beginning to end, covering every aspect of your workflow, the client experience, and your employee needs. We have a positive impact on every aspect of your working day. IRIS can uniquely power your client services (IRIS Accountancy Suite), employees (HR and Payroll), your infrastructure (website, hosting, security, Office365 and telephony).

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We have over 500 accountancy professionals dedicated to your success

Not only do we invest in technology, we invest in people. We have over 500 accountancy professionals whose primary focus is our customers; from the 25+ account managers, the 300+ developers coding our solutions through to the 55+ support staff. They are here to help you with every aspect of your journey with IRIS and we are proud to have been certified as a “Great Place to Work’ in October 2020.


We save you 22 hours every month, per member of staff

We make your life easier by maximising the efficiency of your workflow, and automating compliance and processes to make your life as easy and stress-free as possible – particularly at times of highest demand, such as busy season.  We maximise time savings, cut hassle, and free you up to spend more time focusing on your clients and higher value advisory work.

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Single source of truth 

We cut out one of the biggest problems many accountants face with duplication of tasks by removing the need to re-key data multiple times across different applications. Thanks to our single central database, which creates a single source of truth, once information is entered, our suite of products can use and share this information, providing true integration across shared workflows and processes.


IRIS pays for itself 

That’s what our customers tell us; the amount of time and effort they save using IRIS’s integrated suite outweighs the subscription cost.  IRIS is the only provider with so many solutions under one roof (including HR, payroll), enabling us to cut high costs for firms using multiple software suppliers. We can provide better and cost efficient software packages that can achieve more for you than your current supplier.

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10. MTD | Switch


Making The Difference on MTD 

IRIS has been the leading beta participant for MTD, working alongside firms and the government to ensure it delivers for all. We were the first vendor to be approved for MTD and our customers were the first to submit MTD data to HMRC. Our solutions are MTD ready, with pre-population of key tax data, built in digital tax hub and MTD quarterly / period filing capabilities. Not only do we have multiple Making Tax Digital (MTD) solutions to fit your practice’s preferred way of working, and your clients’, we also integrate with the leading bookkeeping solutions to ensure no matter what your client uses, your process is the same.

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Terms & Conditions:

  1. Offer only applicable to firms with a minimum of 150 clients
  2. Offer excludes document management migration
  3. Offer available to new customers only
  4. 3 year minimum contract period
  5. Contract must include more than one IRIS solution from the IRIS Accountancy Suite