Demystifying school MIS: what's best for your school?


As our education system evolves with new ways of teaching and working, the Management Information System (MIS) has now become a vital part of everyday digital school leadership. Implementing a School MIS at the heart of your school gives leaders and teachers the fundamental business tools they need to drive improvements in education. These tools enable you to stay ahead of regulatory change; streamline school management by automating mundane and complex operational tasks to drive success, engage employees, parents and students to exchange important information and build valuable relationships.

Ultimately, your MIS gives you the intelligence to make a real impact on the outcomes of students. 

However, identifying and implementing the right MIS can be a complex and time-consuming task. The Schools & Academies Show is delighted to partner with IRIS Education to deliver an insightful webinar, which examines the current MIS marketplace, which platforms are available, the importance of having an MIS and the potential benefits for your school. 

Join this thought-provoking 45-minute discussion with industry education specialists and IRIS Education to discuss the MIS market and explore why putting intelligence into the hands of educators will enable them to act more quickly and be more flexible in delivering blended learning. 

Key topics and questions covered include:

  1. The future of education and what this means for the school leadership team
  2. Current challenges faced by schools in sourcing the right MIS
  3. A review of the marketplace – the benefits and opportunities for schools
  4. What school leaders need from their MIS
  5. How school leaders can make cost and productivity efficiencies from their MIS


Lucy Newman

Education Specialist

IRIS Software Group

Vivien Reed

Head of MIS

School Business Services Ltd

Rikki Harrison

Market Specialist: Head of Education

IRIS Software Group

Andy Kent

CEO & Founder

Angel Solutions

David Draper

Product Owner

IRIS Software Group

Key Products:

IRIS Ed:gen – MIS