Gearing up for global growth

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Gearing up for global growth

About this webinar:

2023 was a tough year for many businesses. Recruitment remained a continuous challenge, inflation peaked, and the AI hype added to the mix. 

However, amidst the chaos, our survey to global HR and payroll professionals revealed an impressive 72% have growth plans for 2024. 

In this webinar recording, IRIS expert Daniel Grace is joined by HR, Talent and WorkTech expert Mervyn Dinnen who delve into some of the insights gathered from these professionals, covering a wide range of topics: from global talent management to budgetary concerns and adapting to the emerging Gen Z workforce. We explored strategies for establishing yourself as a leading global employer and provide tips for navigating key challenges. 

They will be revealing the results and sharing their knowledge to empower you to take on FY25 and the global market with confidence!

Get access to this insightful webinar, where we covered:
• Factors influencing organisations to grow
• The challenges and resolutions
• Key focuses for FY25
• Solutions for global growth
• Q&A

You don’t want to miss this opportunity to get key global insights! 


Daniel Grace – Director of HR Consulting, IRIS Software Group

Mervyn Dinnen – HR, Talent & WorkTech Trends Analyst and Commentator | Podcaster | Author