HR Trends & The Power of Technology

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Webinar Information:

Sara Lewis – Head of Communications at IRIS Software Group
Caroline Gammon – HCM Market Specialist at IRIS Software Group
Tom Haak – Director of HR Trend Institute
Stephanie Kelly – Chief People Officer at IRIS Software Group


About this webinar:

Technology is clearly one of the most important drivers of digital transformation, in both organisations and in HR. Where initially HR technology was very much focused on efficiency, other goals and factors have started to come into play, with elements such as personalisation and the employee experience becoming more important.

During this webinar we were joined by Tom Haak, one of the leading global HR thought leaders, whose theme for HR trends in 2022 is “From adaptation to transformation”.

Tom, Stephanie, and Caroline deliberated on current HR trends and what they mean for businesses, as well as discussing some wishes for IRIS and its clients for the technology road map for both the company and their products.