IRIS Fixed Asset Register - Key Features Webinar


Simple, fast and easy to use, the Fixed Asset Register will enhance any practice using IRIS Accounts Production & Business Tax.  The link between the IRIS Fixed Asset Register and IRIS Business Tax means that assets only need to be entered once and they automatically appear in both products. For population of any missing data, or for new clients, the assets can be imported via CSV file  to save having to enter them manually.

A variety of reports can be produced to show detailed analysis of each asset, summary of current year information for all assets split into groups, summary of additions and disposals and a report to show the postings that will be made in IRIS Accounts Production. You’ll know exactly what a company owns, the net book value of those assets, where they are and who uses/owns them.  Even HP & Balloon payments are clearly visible.  Reporting includes Management Period Reports, Lease & HP Lead Schedules, as well as Asset Summary, Details, Additions & Disposals.

This webinar outlines the key features, and includes a brief demo.