Make this busy season your season: Boost productivity and increase efficiency 

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Make busy season your season

About this webinar:

Join us as we discuss how you and your team can be more efficient and less stressed during this busy season with the help of Practice Management Solution that fits your needs, supported by additional team member in your most busy service delivery lines.


Many accounting firms are trying to find the right balance between practice management software and outsourcing. They use their practice management solution to manage their in-house tasks efficiently while managing outsourcing team to deliver the specific jobs/requirements. All in one system – visible and transparent.

This combination allows them to offer comprehensive services to clients while optimizing their internal and external operations effectively.

In summary, practice management solution and outsourcing can work hand in hand to support accountants by enhancing productivity, reducing costs, improving client service, and enabling accountants to focus on their clients and value-added services to support their businesses.

At IRIS we recognise that a one size fits all approach will not work for all accountancy/bookkeeping firms but there needs to be the right combination of these and it will depend on the specific needs and goals of the accounting firm.


Eva Mrazikova
Head of Product Marketing, Accountancy, IRIS Software Group

Mark Elley
Pre Sales Executive, IRIS Software Group