Making HR digital and your practice more efficient

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Making HR digital and your practice more efficient 30.09.21 | Making HR digital and your practice more efficient

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People are your accountancy firm’s biggest asset. But they can be the most difficult aspect to take care of as well. 

Ask yourself: 

Do you struggle with retaining your best staff?  

– Is recruitment hard work? 

– Are you fulfilling employees’ needs and developing a happy workplace? 

– Are your HR processes simple?

– Is your compliance automated? 

And as your other processes, including MTD, mean a move towards digital, maybe you want your HR to be digital too? 

Want to some great tips and insights? 

Join our webinar with HR expert Caroline Gammon for tips and best practice to make people management easier and more efficient. And see how becoming more digital could be an option. 

What will be discussed? 

Caroline will speak to our own former practice accountant Eva Mrazikova and help you better understand: 

– your options for managing HR 

– your specific needs and problems  

– how you may also be able to assist your clients with their HR needs 

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