Maximise your recruitment budget across 2024-2025

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Maximise your recruitment budget across 2024-2025

About this webinar:

In today’s competitive job market, an astonishing 72% of employers face challenges in locating candidates with the necessary skills, with 45% of hiring managers noting a significant increase in time-to-hire. This highlights the need for fresh and innovative approaches to recruitment.

Join our very own industry expert, Rich Youngman, for an upcoming webinar as he taps into how to overcome these challenges and secure the talent your business needs to thrive.

This is your chance to tackle the most urgent challenges faced by HR professionals and recruiters today. Dive deep with us as we explore innovative strategies for stretching your recruitment budget further, achieving remarkable and cost-efficient outcomes.

Optimise your talent sourcing and discover the keys to:

  • Reducing dependence on recruitment agencies: Learn how to build capabilities in-house and reduce recruitment costs.
  • Maximising your recruitment budget: Strategic allocation of resources for better ROI.
  • Engagement with passive candidate pools: Tap into unexplored markets of potential talents.
  • Leveraging social media: Expand your recruitment reach by effectively using social media channels.
  • Driving ED&I commitments: Foster a diverse and inclusive workforce by attracting talent from various backgrounds.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to refine your recruitment strategies in 2024 and 2025. Reserve your spot today and gear up for a transformational experience that will redefine how you acquire top talent.


Rich Youngman – Recruitment Expert, IRIS Software Group