Outsourcing - Why NOW is the time to double down

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Outsourcing WBN OD Mond 3rd July 1 | Outsourcing - Why NOW is the time to double down

About this webinar:

Outsourcing is not a new concept, but the current skills shortage in the accounting and bookkeeping industry is driving more and more firms to double down. The whole concept of outsourcing has shifted from something we didn’t want to talk about, to a key pillar in a firms strategic plan. We discuss this shift, the lifeline that outsourcing provides, the benefits to firms and clients and why now is the time to double down. 


  • How outsourcing has changed
  • What can be outsourced? 
  • Outsourcing as a strategic pillar for growth
  • Why now?
  • How to get started or double down on your outsourcing journey. 


Eva Mrazikova
 Senior Manager, Accountancy Sales, IRIS Software Group

Emma Crawford-Falekaono
Director, Divisional Sales, IRIS Software Group