Planning for effective, future-facing workplaces


Human Resources, much like technology, will be vital to help organisations everywhere prosper through tomorrow’s uncertain working conditions. Organisations will continue to optimise their business models, experiment with hybrid ways of working and drive maximum efficiencies, including reducing the workforce, to prepare for the challenges and opportunities ahead.

HR will be invaluable to help organisations rapidly change to effectively compete and engage staff. HR was once seen as nice-to-have, and almost overnight became the heart of many businesses. In fast-changing conditions, what can we see HR’s function being in the time to come?

This HR webinar delves into the near and long-term priorities for HRDs, including:

  1. People engagement: Connecting with employees authentically, providing resources, future clarity, and support through physical and mental stress.
  2. Tech gaps: Acknowledging the areas tech is enabling and failing businesses, including the necessity of cloud-based platforms and going paperless.
  3. Live poll: How effective will your tech stack be over the next 12 months? Very effective, satisfactory, average, poor, don’t know
  4. Recruitment for the future: Defining best practice, streamlining key processes, instilling culture and values, and managing headcount.
  5. Safe workspaces: Developing a COVID-19 vaccination policy, returning people to physical, collaborative spaces, and ensuring the safety of key workers.
  6. Working environments: Designing the strategy and policy to support flexible and effective work settings, supported by technology and culture.


Caroline Gammon MCIPD, MBA

HCM Market Specialist

IRIS Software Group

Sally-Anne Dudley

UK Head of Learning

National Grid

Pete Baker

HR influencer, former Global Chief HR Officer