Proving the ROI of Digital Transformation in HR

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Proving the ROI of Digital Transformation in HR

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About This Webinar:

Over the last 12 months we’ve witnessed how the right technology and digital roadmap can be a game-changer for HR when faced with some of the biggest operational challenges. Yet despite the pandemic catapulting the importance of digital into the spotlight, when budgets are tight it can still be a challenge to the greenlight on new investment.

So how do you prove the value and ROI of digital HR and win key stakeholder buy-in for investment in new technologies? What are the key steps that HR should consider when implementing new tech and managing a project of change? And how do you measure the impact of new software on HR and the wider business?

These are just a few of the questions, this expert panel of speakers will address. Join them to learn how you can get alignment from leadership on new digital ventures, what the benefits will be for your business and how you can evaluate and prove success.


  1. How should businesses prepare for the new world of work?
  2. Is a digital roadmap the only solution?
  3. Building the business case for investment in new HR & Payroll software
  4. Key considerations for winning stakeholder buy-in
  5. Managing a project of change and implementing new technology
  6. Advice for senior leaders evaluating the success of a HR department

Webinar Speakers –

Kate Graham, Head of Content Labs and Insights, UNLEASH

Kevin Craven, Strategic Partnership Director, Serco Plc

Andrew Inge, Human Capital at Deloitte

Zoe Brunswick, HR Director at RSK Group

Caroline Gammon, HCM Market SpecialistIRIS

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