Simplifying ID Checks and AML Compliance

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About this webinar:

The complexity of identity checks- a key component of the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations- AML work has become more difficult to do during the COVID pandemic.

Do you have software that makes AML compliance simple? Or is it long winded and complicated?

How can IRIS help?

Complying with AML regulations is clearly critical, but the complexity has grown through the COVID pandemic.

-Is your practice fully compliant
-Do you have software that makes AML Simple?
-Are your processes long winded and complicated?

What will the webinar cover?

Join our webinar to discover how our new cloud- based solutions- IRIS Elements AML- can help you with all your AML needs, including:

-ID checks, including  batch ID checking
-Your compliance needs taken care of example Firm Wide Risk Assessment
-Risk assessments
-knowing your customer questions
-Dashboard reminders to re- assess clients