Stuck in the past, or ready for a skills-based HR future?

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About this webinar:

Join the Skills Base founders Nick Stanley and Steven George as they explore the global shift towards a skills-based HR future. With many years of experience combined in successfully implementing skills management software and the corresponding transformation projects, you’ll learn about the value that you can extract to support your talent management initiatives: 

  ➼ Talent Planning: How skills data powers strategic HR planning, ensuring readiness for future talent needs. 
  ➼ Talent Allocation: How skill insights can give you the ability to deliver more value to customers and projects, by putting the right people on the right work.  
  ➼ Talent Development: How tailored development plans, driven by skills, maximize resource efficiency and foster skill growth. 
  ➼ Talent Acquisition: How skills-based hiring expedites talent placement, reducing time-to-fill positions and associated costs. 
  ➼ Talent Reward: How recognizing and rewarding skills growth can support your compensation strategy. 
  ➼ Talent Retention: How skills-driven career paths boost employee satisfaction and retention rates, effectively reducing turnover costs. 

This 30-minute fireside chat it’s just talk; rather you’ll leave with a clear understanding of value and the fundamental steps to transforming your HR function: 

How do I identify skills? 
How do I measure skills? 
How do I act on skill insights? 

Don’t remain stuck in the past—embrace expertise and welcome the skills-based HR future!


Nick Stanley

Nick Stanley

CEO and Co-founder, Skillsbase

Steven George

Steven George

Chief Product Officer and Co-founder, Skillsbase