Superpower Your Workforce: Smarter Hiring for Growth

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About this webinar:

Are you finding it increasingly challenging to identify and hire the right talent for your organization? 

Is achieving diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) a priority, yet the path forward remains unclear? 

Are you eager to upskill and retain your existing teams effectively?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you’re not alone. Many companies are grappling with these very issues, from job role vacancies to DEI goals and employee development. These challenges impact not only your workforce’s well-being but also your company’s bottom line, making them critical to address.

Fortunately, Superpower has the solution: with over 40,000 members and a platform that maps the interests, skills, and experiences, we’ve streamlined the hiring process. When you post a job, you’ll receive a short list of diverse candidates with the exact skills you need—in just 72 hours! Go from interview to offer directly on the platform, we only charge a success fee of 3% once you actually find the person you like! This will significantly reduce hiring time, costs and headaches.

Additionally, our platform offers members access to upskilling pathways, courses, and masterclasses. Now, you can build and retain a team of highly curious, talented and ambitious individuals.

Watch our session on-demand to witness firsthand how our AI-powered platform can become your go-to tool for recruiting, upskilling, and unlocking your team’s boundless potential!


Alice Muller

Alice Muller

Co-founder and CEO, Workfinder



Head of Partnerships, Workfinder