The Power of Data to Improve your MAT

About this webinar:

Struggling to make sense of data across your trust? Information stored in different systems in every school? Impossible to create meaningful reports? Unable to use data to make improvements? Sound familiar…. you are not alone.

The newly launched IRIS Central gives trusts a centralised view of data across their schools, whichever MIS they use. Powerful, up-to-date analytics allow trusts to spot trends more easily, make timely interventions, and support growth initiatives.

Join us on Wednesday 6th July at 3:30pm, with Tom Kershaw (Education Market Specialist) and Nicholas Clark (Senior Product Manager), as they explore how IRIS Central can fundamentally change and improve the way leaders run their trusts.

This free webinar will cover:

 ➼ The role of data in enabling your trust to operate efficiently, improve outcomes, and empower staff to do a great job.

 ➼ How assessment dashboards  help trusts measure and improve attainment by acting swiftly on developing trends.

 ➼ How IRIS Central’s self-reporting functionality can give trusts the ability to build their own personalised reports and measure the areas where they need the most insight. Because every trust is different.


Nicholas Clark
Senior Product Manager, IRIS Software Group

Tom Kershaw
Education Market Specialist, IRIS Software Group