Maximise Productivity and Efficiency: IRIS Outsourcing

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Outsourcing WBN

About this webinar:

If not NOW, WHEN?

Get help from IRIS Outsourcing to support you with volume heavy, repetitive tasks so you can reclaim the precious time back to focus on what really matters – higher fee earning work or spending the time doing things you love.

Join our webinar as we dive into the specific services IRIS outsourcing offers as well as hearing from a special guest, Karen who is one of our IRIS Outsourcing clients who will share their experience of the service first hand.


  • IRIS Outsourcing Overview
  • What type of services do we offer
  • Special guest – customer experience
  • Onboarding process
  • Communication
  • Suitable jobs/clients to outsource
  • What else to look out for


Eva Mrazikova
Director of Product Marketing, Services, IRIS Software Group

IRIS Special Guest