Upgrade Your HR Management: Discover the Benefits of Staffology HR

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Upgrade Your HR Management: Discover the Benefits of Staffology HR

About this webinar:

Get access to the recording of this exclusive webinar tailored for our valued IRIS HR Professional customers about the benefits to upgrading to Staffology HR. We want to share how it will make your HR tasks easier and smoother and the additional features you will gain. Our goal is to ensure you have the best tools to support your business.

You won’t want to miss this exclusive webinar recording where our experts will introduce you to Staffology HR, giving you a deep dive into the functionality and benefits of Staffology while touching on additional elements such as Staffology Payroll.

Throughout this session, our experts discussed:

  ➼ Staffology HR’s powerful API approach, enabling seamless integration with other systems.
  ➼ Customisability to meet your unique business needs.
  ➼ Ease of use, free health checks & intuitive cloud-based interface.
  ➼ Enhanced functionality, offering modules such as expenses, timesheets, recruitment & performance management.
  ➼ Advanced payroll integration.
  ➼ Services such as HR Assurance & Fully Managed Payroll.

These features of Staffology HR can bring significant efficiency improvements, streamlining and automating repetitive HR tasks – helping to make your business smile!

Get access now to find out how you can save valuable time and pave the way for a more effective HR management experience!


Safwan Kayat – Staffology Expert, IRIS Software Group

Jon Low – Product Manager, IRIS Software Group