What’s new in IRIS Accountancy Suite this winter?

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Have you discovered all of the enhancements yet in the latest IRIS Accountancy Suite release? 

Our team will show you around and help you discover what’s new in this insightful webinar. 

We’ll tell you more about the Autumn release upgrades, including: 

– Accounts Productionimproved flexibility within several of the notes and disclosures 

– Updated Autopilot: a new time saving feature 

– Personal Tax/ IRIS SmartTax: our ‘real-time’ calculation, returning instant results based on the data entered for the selected individual is now available to all Personal Tax Users 

– Business Tax: updates to the RDEC feature means any excess brought forward will now be taken into consideration earlier in the RDEC claim. 

– Compliance: All the latest essential legislative updates 

Save your seat for the webinar. 

When is the webinar? 

11am on 9 December 2021 

Don’t worry if you can’t make the designated time – register anyway, and we’ll send you the recording.