What's new in IRIS ParentMail?

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ParentMail product webinar

About this webinar:

To ensure effective safeguarding and bolster student progress, communication must extend beyond the school gates.

So it’s important to maintain healthy channels of communication with parents – and utilise the right tools for the job.

We know that this target audience can be a tricky one to engage, which is why we created IRIS ParentMail.

Check out this webinar to discover exactly why families know and love using IRIS ParentMail. We’ll be taking you through:

➼ The capabilities of IRIS ParentMail (see the platform in action)
➼ Our latest updates to improve user experience – for you and parents
➼ The introduction of AI to write school communications…

…to name a few!


Tim Cropper-Williams
Education Product Director, IRIS Software Group

Daniella Harrald
Education Marketing Business Partner, IRIS Software Group