Why Do Our Customers Love IRIS Cascade HRi?

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Holding Slide | Why Do Our Customers Love IRIS Cascade HRi?

About this webinar:

For years, IRIS Cascade HRi has supported its customers with technology that improves the employee experience and creates powerful connections at every stage of the employee lifecycle.

Watch our webinar on-demand where we explored how our customers have used HR technology to manage their way through periods of uncertainty and allowed them to adapt to changing factors with agility. During the session, we focus on how technology can impact these key areas:


➼ Recruitment and onboarding

➼ Making HR admin more efficient

➼ Supporting improved employee communications, engagement, and well-being

➼ Upskilling HR team’s so that they are better aligned to face challenges of the business

➼ Intelligent insights delivered from powerful reporting


Julian Musson, Senior Product Director at IRIS Software Group, joined us to share all the incredible things coming up on our product roadmap that ensure our solutions continue to meet the ongoing and future needs of our customers.

Watch our lively debate on-demand as we share ‘love’ stories from working with IRIS Cascade HRi, get some inspiration from our customers which may resonate with some of your current HR challenges and how digital HR solutions can really add value and drive business transformation.