Workations – what do they mean for HR?

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holding slide | Workations – what do they mean for HR?

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About this webinar:

We’ve always been told to keep work and play separate; however, a new revolutionary employee trend is arising which is flipping this mindset on its head.

Employees are now packing their bags and flying off to a range of temporary locations for months at a time, all while taking their work with them remotely – this is the era of the ‘workation’.

In short, a workation is when employees work remotely from somewhere other than their registered home address or office, but before you rush off to pack your bags and fly off to Marbella, you need to know the potential technicalities and workarounds of workations and what this means for your HR department.


Watch our webinar to hear from travel & tourism expert Hayley Stainton, who joined Caroline Gammon, HCM Market Specialist at IRIS, to discuss:

➼ ​Workation as a major trend in 2022
➼ ​How HR should prepare & HR policies
➼ ​How can HR software support HR with workations
➼ ​Benefits of embracing requests for workations
➼ ​Employee obligations