5 great cyber security reasons to convince clients to use OpenSpace

Blog Banner Top | 5 great cyber security reasons to convince clients to use OpenSpace
By James Nadal | 28th June 2018 | 13 min read

Are you one of the thousands of accountants who have turned to IRIS OpenSpace to help you comply with GDPR?

Do you have a client who is reluctant to switch away from emails, despite your recommendation?

When things change, some people are hard to persuade. It’s only human nature. So, it’s not surprising if some clients are resistant to change, even those who are aware of the new data protection rules.

But you can win them over with a little help from us. Here are 5 great security reasons to give clients to explain why you are moving everyone to IRIS OpenSpace, including some new features built into this month’s latest release:

  1. Greater protection: We’ve introduced two factor authentication to bump up security even more. This means that when you log in, OpenSpace will send you an email with a code you must complete to confirm your identity. Even if someone knows your password they can’t log in without this code. Set it up via the account menu.
  2. Better security: All passwords are encrypted using a salting and hashing algorithm, which means nobody can see your password, not even us.
  3. Safety tools: We’ve just introduced a password strength indicator – to help you to ensure it’s strong and won’t be breached.
  4. Encryption: Documents are encrypted as they are being uploaded using SSL and AES technologies – which means your information is safe and protected while in transit.
  5. GDPR compliant: The OpenSpace platform is based on Microsoft Azure, with EU-based servers, therefore meeting the new requirements.

And these are just five of the newest reasons.

Did you realise that OpenSpace is free for IRIS customers and that other benefits include the fact it’s fully integrated into the IRIS Accountancy Suite, making it quick and easy to use? It helps you work closer and more intuitively with your clients. You also get multi-approvals and eSignatures.

There are a plethora of other advantages that you can find here

Yes, there are other solutions out there for secure document transfers but why use anything else when you’d miss out on the combined benefits of OpenSpace?

If you or your client are still not convinced or would like further information click here.