Accountants: streamline your payroll service today with IRIS OpenPayslips

By Sam Thomas | 4th February 2016 | 7 min read







Accountancy firms who provide their clients with weekly or monthly payslips will likely know of the issues which often arise from traditional methods of distribution. These often range from the rising costs of postage, to security flaws with sensitive information. IRIS OpenPayslips is a leading payslip solution and works with your IRIS payroll software to offer your accountancy firm the chance to break free from the hassle, uncertainty, and added costs of printing and postage of stationary. The fully cloud-based software enables quick and secure distribution of multiple clients’ payslips and P60s, with an average cost saving of £1.75 per payslip.

IRIS OpenPayslips enables employees to access their payslips and other documentation 24/7 through the free app; because of this they are less likely to lose them and request re-issues from yourself. Employees of your clients have key documentation and communications delivered straight to them electronically which is faster and more straightforward than traditional methods. IRIS OpenPayslips is available as a free download on iOS, Android and Windows, so your clients can download the free app and access their documentation as and when it’s released through the cloud.

IRIS OpenPayslips also generates an audit trail to help ensure auto enrolment compliance with a record of documentation when used with the IRIS AE Suite™. Workplace pension reform is complex and The Pensions Regulator require an audit trail of documentation and communications to be kept. IRIS OpenPayslips helps to maintain compliance by keeping a record of relevant documentation which is easily accessible.

The package is also 100% secure, employing industry standard SSL authentication and complies with UK data protection rules which are amongst the strictest in the world. Additionally, the IRIS OpenPayslips user access database is protected by Microsoft’s Windows Azure built-in security.

Not only do users get the added cost benefits already mentioned, but IRIS OpenPayslips is completely free to accountants for use within your practice to pay your own staff, further adding to the list of benefits.

Why not join nearly 2,000 accountancy firms and over 6,000 businesses already using IRIS OpenPayslips to pay over 336,000 employees and see the benefits today. Book a free demo of the solution today and see first hand how IRIS OpenPayslips can work for you.