Another Tax deadline? How much time are you spending chasing clients?

By Vladimir Briskin | 17th October 2017 | 9 min read


Millennials have gained a bad reputation over the years. We’re considered stubborn, narcissistic and entitled, caring more about Facebook likes and Instagram followers than, well, pretty much anything else.
Yet recent research has shown that 75% of the global workforce will be millennials by 2025 and I’m here to tell you why we’re changing the workplace for the better.
Finding the perfect balance 
We’ve emerged battered and bruised from years of schooling and are now free to choose our own path, willingly casting aside financial gains to find the job that makes us happy.
With this, the little term known as the work/life balance has emerged and companies are starting to catch-on. Millennials have even been known to choose jobs based on the number of paid holidays and the option for flexible working and businesses’ are adapting to this.  
These benefits can range from the ability to work from home, dress casually or take unpaid leave and companies are starting to implement them into their contracts to appeal to younger workers.
Embracing Change
Although the term ‘millennial’ remains undefined, it is commonly associated with people born between 1982 and 2004. As far as technology is concerned, working millennials have seen it all. From the Nintendo 64, to VCR’s, MP3’s, iPad’s and mobile phones, we’ve grown up amongst constant technological change and we’re prepared to run with it.
This plays right into the accountancy industry’s hands, as it races into the digital world armed with employees used to embracing rapid digital change. Paper documents are set to become a thing of the past as digital data takes over and we enter the age of machine learning. We’re already doing our bit to appeal to the influx of millennial accountants by launching IRIS Snap ( the mobile app-led service that spells the end of manual data entry. 
Growing up in the midst of technological innovation we’ve learned to adapt fast. The accountancy industry is heading into an era of revolutionary change as there’s no other generation more prepared for the journey. 
The World is Our Oyster
Unlike former generations, millennials have no intention of staying in the same job until retirement. We’ve been thrown into the world of work with our minds buzzing from the positive messages inflicted on us by our parents and teachers and we want to seize every opportunity thrown our way.
This free-spirited attitude is understandably intimidating, but it comes with many benefits. 
Gaining experience from multiple organisations or even professions broadens our horizons, and the skills we pick up from our various roles will be implemented into our new place of work. What’s not to like?

IRIS CRM TAX reminder workflow is a simple and cost-effective way to communicate with your clients, by delivering them a series of personalised automated messages via email or SMS text that escalate in urgency can be a highly effective way to help you get the checklist information back promptly.

IRIS CRM is integrated with your IRIS software and synchronises with the Job Status. Therefore, when you change the job status within IRIS to “checklist sent to client” CRM’s workflows are triggered to send a series of automated email or SMS reminders (every 28, 56, 84 days etc.) to your clients until the job stage in IRIS is moved to the next step. IRIS CRM’s reporting tools can also show you the status of the current job by partner or manager.

Consider the following 4 powerful reasons, why CRM is essential to your practice:

  1. Better Client Service – show your value & stand out from your competitors
  2. Practice Systemisation – automate the mundane, more effective use of your time
  3. Job Stage Reporting – identify weak links in processes and resolve them fast
  4. Deadline Alerts – help your client avoid potential penalties and offences

With IRIS CRM, you can create a multitude of reminders such as, VAT, Corporation Tax, Personal Tax, Partner/Manager notifications etc. Read more here

IRIS CRM gives you the ability to bring all your clients, prospects and referrers together into a central, powerful, easy to use, cloud hosted customer management solution.

See how IRIS CRM can help your business, call us today to speak with one of our consultants and arrange a demonstration.