Are you benefiting from an all-in-one digital solution for you and your clients?

By Tolu Ajimoko | 28th February 2017 | 9 min read

Introducing KashFlow for Accountants...

An all-in-one package from IRIS that includes digital bookkeeping, record-keeping and reporting tools. The solution enables you to efficiently manage bookkeeping for all your clients, irrespective of how digitally enabled they are.

KashFlow for Accountants comprises four key components that combine to create the ideal mechanism for transforming clients from paper-based to digital, while also allowing practitioners to easily offer business advisory services.

Tools for every step of the digital journey

The four key features of KashFlow for Accountants include: 

  • KashFlow: Our leading online bookkeeping solution for SMEs that connects directly into the IRIS Accountancy Suite, enabling preparation of the final accounts. User-friendly, easy to learn and jargon-free - perfect for your clients who are already digital-savvy and can use KashFlow themselves, freeing up your time for higher fee advisory services.
  • KashFlow RapidFire: The perfect tool for working offline on the accounts of your paper-based clients, you can use RapidFire to create digital records on their behalf. Allows batch entry to speed up data input and uploads all data into a client’s KashFlow account automatically as soon as an internet connection is established.
  • KashFlow Connect: A powerful tool allowing you to manage all of your clients from a single platform and dashboard. KashFlow Connect provides your clients with access to their bookkeeping records via a brandable portal featuring your own logo and design and is always up to date and accessible, any time, anywhere. You’re in control at all times.
  • IRIS Insight: Our exciting new business advisory solution allowing accountants to easily produce cashflow forecasts and monthly management reports. This robust tool is the perfect hub from which to expand your portfolio of advisory services. GearShift is based in the cloud and integrates seamlessly with KashFlow to report on actuals, build forecasts, hypothesise ‘what if?’ scenarios and form business plans.

Client control and collaboration. Constantly.

Your industry is rapidly approaching an era of total digitisation.

With Making Tax Digital set to disrupt the tax administration and record-keeping landscape from April 2018, KashFlow for Accountants provides an integrated, all-in-one combination of products that give you control and visibility over every aspect of a client’s business.

With scope for instant, regular communication and advice, new business advisory opportunities will be at your fingertips, giving your practice a unique and invaluable advantage over its competition.

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