Battle Royale: Who wins? Post vs Email vs SMS vs Push Notifications

By James Nadal | 18th March 2019 | 15 min read

The heavyweights of communication platforms are squaring up.

It’s a four-way Battle Royale in the fighting pits: Email vs Push Notifications vs SMS vs Post.

Who will be victorious?

Post: The veteran

Post, the veteran of the quartet, has been around the block a few times. It's much dismissed lately, with opponents deriding it as too slow and unreliable for the modern world, compared to its digital rivals.

But while not always the quickest on its feet, it still packs a punch with many who love to receive something tangible, be it a letter or parcel, through their door. The traditionalists, who still love their print products, are cheering it on from the stands.

Email: The favourite

Somewhat of a veteran itself now, but still extremely powerful and arguably the favourite to win this contest, is Email. Its reach is long and far, with most people, if not everyone, having one or two email addresses. The allure of Email is waning somewhat, however, with growing evidence that spam-weary users have got a little laissez-faire. Can Email still land the decisive blow?

SMS: Rising star

Next comes SMS. Not the new kid on the block anymore, and suffering something of a down-turn, thanks to the rise of the mighty WhatsApp, but still quick, spritely, nimble and much-loved, it can ping messages instantly and straight to people’s finger tips – giving it an advantage in terms of its directness. Who can resist to read when their phone buzzes and lights up?

Push Notifications: The rookie

The youngest warrior in the arena today is Push Notifications – gaining more and more power as the popularity of the smartphone app rises exponentially. Not everyone likes to be bothered by their apps messaging them, but how many switch them off? A pop up on the smartphone is hard to ignore, especially when it’s the latest deal on offer at your favourite store. Will this youthful contender be able to knockout its more experienced opponents?

Who's going to win?

Each competitor has their own strengths and weaknesses, but which will exploit theirs to the maximum to be triumphant?

The contenders are limbering up, getting ready for the showdown. They’re staring each other down. Email jostles with Post, while SMS is gesturing aggressively at Push Notifications!

The crowd roars in anticipation.

Let the battle commence…

Hang on, wait.

What’s this? A fifth competitor has entered the pits.

The spectators are stunned into silence.

And the others have immediately thrown their weapons to the floor and are kneeling in surrender!

They know they’ve just come up against the ultimate warrior!

The combatant’s name? Accountant Go.

Ultimate warrior

The Battle Royale has been rendered redundant because there is simply no contest. Accountant Go combines all of the best traits of each of the four fighters.

With this multi-tasking, versatile smartphone app you get one central hub where you can operate emails, text messages, push notifications and more. You get the combined power of each.

Its messaging capability is amazing, as it automatically segments clients based on data – determining, for example, if they are VAT registered or not.

Users are already revelling in the fact that it enables them to communicate in a GDPR compliant way with more than one client at a time.

They love the fact it empowers clients to have relevant tax and business information at their fingertips.

They are delighted about how it allows them to message them directly and control and manage all of their invoices and accounts on the go.

The crown is being placed atop of Accountant Go and it parades through the stadium, taking the applause.

Be victorious in your client communications

You’ll be applauding too, before long, when you sign up.

To discover even more of the enormous range of features Accountant Go has, please visit here.

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