Big anniversaries – champagne, not china!

By Steven Cox | 19th November 2015 | 12 min read

20 years with champagne, not china!

Celebrating with our customers at IRIS World 2015

Steve Cox - IRIS Product Director We hit a major milestone this year - more than 650 customers who have been with us for more than 20 years.

It's pretty special - and unique in this industry - to be able to say that that 676 accountants have chosen us year, after year, after year... x 20!

Just this year, we have had 178 customers celebrate their 20th anniversary. We thought it was fitting to celebrate with champagne, rather than china (or platinum if you prefer the 'modern' anniversary gifts?!).

Below are just some of the customers who came along to see us and celebrate at #IRISWorld.

CEO, Phill Robinson with Coakley & Co Celebrating with Tony from Hawleys Ltd Phill congratulating Roffe Swayne IRIS CMO, Nick Gregory, congratulates Warr & Co Chartered Accountants Nick with Tropman & Co

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Steven Cox

Chief Evangelist

Steve is Chief Evangelist of IRIS; a technologist and chartered accountant (FCCA) who looks at how technology can simplify the modern working environment.

He joined IRIS in 2002, who’s career at IRIS has spanned many areas of the business including Customer Support, Engineering and Product Management. His most recent previous roles at IRIS include Senior Product Director and Interim CTO.

Steve has over 18 years of experience in technology and accounting which he uses to work closely with customers, software companies, accounting/governing bodies and the government to champion the digital transformation of UK Education organisations, SMEs and Accountants.

In Steve’s current role as Chief Evangelist, he has looked across the globe at how technology and legislation is changing the roles and requirements professionals in the workplace and looking to the future to predict how their roles will further evolve.